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Our services

Our services

KISS Technologies provides engineering and consulting services for Swiss and international clients in the industrial, technology, medtech and IT sector.

We apply the KISS principle: Keep it Simple and Straightforward. The resulting systems are easier to use and maintain and much more robust against error. Thus, they have significantly lower development and total ownership costs and are much more hassle-free and enjoyable to use.

We're proud to be able to offer a broad spectrum of services and core competencies. In a typical industry project, we draw from many of them to maximise reliability and customer satisfaction.

Please see our portfolio for short descriptions of our past projects.

Please contact us for a free and non-binding initial assessment of your project and how we could apply our services and competencies to it.


Startup as a Service

You have an idea, but lack sufficient resources to implement it? Come talk to us. If necessary, we can build your company from the ground up. We are happy to take a stake in your startup in order to keep your expenses low.




Core competencies

Programming languages

Software systems

Bus systems and protocols

Development methodologies

Development technologies

Operating Systems

Technical writing